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Cayman Islands

Travel Info


Cayman Island Travel Information

Passport requirements / Customs regulations

Arriving visitors may bring in duty-free any personal items for use while on vacation. In addition, visitors 18 and older can bring in duty-free either one litre of alcohol, four litres of wine or one case of beer (not exceeding eight litres) and 200 cigarettes, or 25 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. Don't be confused by the Customs forms which states that returning residents are allowed CI$300 worth of goods duty free. This privilege does not apply to visitors. Remember that any gifts you are bringing into Cayman may also be subject to duty. Books and camera equipment are always allowed as duty free items. 

  US, British and Canadian citizens, and citizens of British Dependent Territories do not require passports, but must present proof of citizenship (passport or original birth certificate and current photo ID. A driver's license or voter's registration card alone is not sufficient) and a return or ongoing airline ticket. (Please note that according to a new US law passed in 1996, a Voter's Registration Card is no longer considered valid proof of US citizenship and is therefore not valid ID for re-entry into the US.)

Visitors from all other countries require a passport and return or ongoing ticket. Americans, British, Canadians, a citizen of another Commonwealth country or a national of any of the following do not require a Visa: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Irish Republic, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Portugal, San Merino, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Venezuela.

Applications for Visas can be collected from your nearest British Consulate or High Commission Office. Entry is granted for up to six months. Resident aliens of the US who show a valid US Alien Registration Card (green card) may be permitted to enter and remain in the Cayman Islands for up to 30 days.

Please keep the Immigration slip given to you upon arrival! This is our equivalent of a tourist identification card. Visitors should keep it with their travel documents and present it when departing. Anyone who wishes to extend their stay after arrival must visit the Department of Immigration and obtain an extension and may be asked to show proof of financial resources to permit an extension.

Working in the Cayman Islands

If you're planning a business trip, please know in advance that salespeople planning to solicit business and take orders in our islands require a temporary work permit. Applications for this may be obtained in advance from the Department of Immigration. Contact their office weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at (345) 949-8344. You also must declare all samples of goods you're bring into the country and these must leave with you. Please know that under our Immigration Laws visitors are not allowed to accept jobs in the Cayman Islands without a government-issued work permit.

Grand Cayman Climate

The Cayman Islands lay in the far Western Caribbean, closer to the equator then a lot of people realise, lying between latitudes 19° and 20° North. They are nicely cooled by prevailing trade winds, but the sun is HOT and we advise always to wear sun cream, a shady hat and sunglasses. Please take the sun in small doses to avoid sunburn.

As a guide, the following outlines our range of temperature through winter and summer.

Winter - November to April
  72°F to 86°F during the day
  64°F to 72°F at night
  Water temperature ranges between 78°F and 82°F
Summer - May to October
  85°F to 90°F during the day
  73°F to 85°F at night
  Water temperature ranges between 82°F to 86°F

Relative humidity varies from 68% to 92%.

The rainy season starts in May and lasts through October, the two rainiest months being May and October and March and April are usually the driest months.

The average annual rainfall is about 46 inches.

You can call the Cayman Islands National Meteorological Service in George Town, Grand Cayman for a current weather report at (345) 949-4528.

What to Wear

Visitors should remember that the Cayman Islands remains a "proper" British Crown Colony and our people are conservative by nature. Also note that the Cayman Islands Government strictly prohibits all forms of public nudity so please do not wear bathing suits or scanty beach wear beyond the beach or cruise ship - and cover up when in public areas elsewhere.As we say in Cayman, Please keep your shell on!

Neat, casual and comfortable tropical attire are appropriate throughout the Cayman Islands. Visitors will want to bring smart casual wear for evenings out at our restaurants. When attending church services, "Sunday dress" is appropriate - shorts and T-shirts are not considered acceptable, especially for ladies. However, ties are not expected!


Island Utilities


The Cayman Islands runs on 110 V/60 Hz AC power. The plugs are North American Outlets. 


Water is potable island wide.


Phones are all direct dialing worldwide.


Connecting to the internet is easily done throughout the Cayman Islands.

Plantation Village offers free access (for guests and owners) to the internet on a machine located in the Main Office.

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