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Timeshare Ownership

Vacation ownership offers consumers the opportunity to purchase fully-furnished vacation accommodations sold in weekly intervals, for only a percentage of the cost of full ownership. For a one-time purchase price and a payment of a yearly maintenance fees, purchasers own their vacation for the trust period. 

  How Vacation Ownership Works:

Each villa or unit of a vacation ownership resort is divided into weekly intervals which are sold separately. The condominiums are priced according to a variety of factors, including size of the unit, location and season.

Is Vacation Ownership Right For Me?

The reasons for purchase most frequently citied by current timeshare owners are the high standards of quality accommodations and service at the resorts at which they own and exchange, followed by the flexibility offered through the vacation exchange opportunities ad the cost effectiveness of vacation ownership.

Nearly one-third of vacation owners purchase additional internals after experiencing ownership. This trend is even stronger among long-time owners; 41.2 percent of those who have owned eight years or longer have purchase additional intervals within that time.

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