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We've assembled a large number of common questions and answers regarding timeshare ownership in general, and vacation ownership specifically here at Plantation Village Beach Resort. We hope that you find the FAQ useful and informative.

  Why buy in Grand Cayman?

Beside the obvious tranquility and beauty, there are many reasons to purchase a property in the Cayman Islands. Most owners purchase timeshare to cut vacation costs and/or for the higher standard of accommodations available to them for their vacation dollar. Additionally, they can own beach property for affordable prices. Hotel rooms in Grand Cayman average $250US per night. It will not take long for a renter to amass over $20,000US in vacation rental expenses over a ten year period and this does not cover food, fun, or shopping…


What are the membership Benefits?

Membership with Plantation Club International provides your family with certainties that other vacation plans can’t. For a one-time purchase price you will be able to guarantee your family’s future vacations in the same luxurious accommodations, at the same time each year, with the fantastic view of your choice, never having to concern yourself with reservation hassles or competition for availability. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your luxury villa, maintained and managed on your behalf, was just waiting for your next return visit. All the benefits of second home ownership without any of the drawbacks!

The collections of rights that come with your membership allow you to bequeath, gift, rent, sell or exchange your membership interest. It is however through the various use options that your will realize the value of your membership quickest.


What rights do I get with my membership?

Membership allows you to Use, Lend, Rent, Sell or Exchange your interest for the duration of the trust period. The membership can also be a part of your estate so you can will the remainder interest to whomever you wish.


What am I actually buying?

You will be acquiring a membership interest in Plantation Club International secured by a particular unit and week. The real estate titles for the 46 timeshare villas at Plantation Village are being held on the behalf of the timeshare owners by a local trust company in the capacity of Trustee.

The timeshare ownership of Plantation Club International is setup into two groups. The first group, representing approximately one-half of the 46 timeshare villas at Plantation Village Beach Resort will expire at the end of 2013 and the second group at the end of 2015. These periods of time are know as the Trust Period. After the Trust Period ends, the trustee will through independent appraisers determine the market value of the villas. They will be offered on the open market for the best price obtainable. After sale, the net proceeds (after deducting selling costs) from the sale of each individual villa will be paid out to the respective owners. The percentage that each owner will recieve is based on the first sale price of each vacation period.


Is my week guaranteed?

Absolutely, you are guaranteed the same villa and week each year without any reservation hassles.


What happens if I do not use my week?

If you do not wish to use your week, you have several options. You can give your week away to friends or family, or your can exchange your week with Interval International or you can rent out your week through the resort rental program; You must utilize your week in some form or your week will be lost.


What if I can’t vacation the week I own? Can I give my week away?

Yes, you can give your week away to friends or family. All we ask is that you send the front desk a letter of authorization stating who will be staying in place of you. Please send a copy of this letter with your guest as well. Just a reminder, we do not accept liability for whomever you send into your unit.


What is Vacation Exchange?

Vacation ownership offers unparalleled flexibility and the opportunity for affordable worldwide travel through vacation ownership exchange. Through the international vacation exchange networks, owners can trade their timeshare interval for vacation time at comparable resorts around the world.

How vacation exchange works: Plantation Village is affiliated with Interval International, an exchange company that administers the exchange service for its members.

To exchange, the owner places his or her interval into the exchange company’s pool of resorts and weeks available for exchange and, in turn, chooses an available resort and week from that pool. The exchange companies charge an exchange fee, in addition to an annual membership fee (paid for by the timeshare owner), to complete an exchange.

Interval International frequently offers their members the additional benefit of saving or banking vacation time in a reserve program for use in a different year and offers other “travel agent” services including discounts on airfare and car rentals.


Can I rent my week?

Yes, Plantation Village offers owners the available services of a rental program.


Can I rent my Villa and are there any guarantees?

The Resort can list your unit for rental on a first come first serve basis. Rentals cannot be guaranteed and this should be considered a fall back option as opposed to a reason for purchase.


What are Maintenance Fees?

Yearly maintenance fees are paid each year to the Club for the maintenance of the Resort. Just like taking care of a home, Resort maintenance fees help maintains the quality and future value of the resort property. In a vacation ownership resort, maintenance costs are shared by all owners. Maintenance fees pay for on-site management, unit upkeep, unit refurbishing, maintenance of the Resort’s common areas, and amenities such as pools and landscaping. Maintenance fees are assessed and paid annually by each vacation owner.

In addition to maintenance fees, the owner will be responsible for their individual usage of unit utilities (water and electric) and the Cayman Island Government timeshare tax US $10 per day.


What kind of services does Plantation Village provide to owners?

Plantation Village provides its owners with the necessary tools for managing their property. Built into this website (Owner Services section) are a suite of tools that help our owners get the most out of their Club Membership. Access to this section of the website is protected by login.

Once logged in, our owners can manage their profile information (address, email and phone numbers), as well as manage their unit and vacation week. We distribute up-to-date information about the resort, and any new activites that are planned. Policy changes are also posted to the web.

Additionally there are tools and forms that allow our owners to confirm their stay with us, and pass along any special requests. Owners can indicate that they would like us to rent their vacation week through our Timeshare Rental Program. Also there are forms and procedures for transferring (or selling) ownership of vacation weeks, and for providing feedback to the staff and management of our Resort.

Important club documents such as the yearly budget, and minutes from the Annual General Meeting are posted to the web so owners can stay in touch with the day to day operation of the Resort.

We find that these additional services make the operation of the Resort more efficient, and it gives our owners the ability to get the most from their Plantation Village Beach Resort ownership.

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